2017 – UX Design

For this project I was asked to improve the usability of the website of Chocolate Museum in Barcelona with the final intent of its re-design. I started from the concept of the Map of Content of the current web and a benchmark of the competence with the intent of finding better solutions for similar needs. Then, I have defining three targets and personas with three different user journey. Here, I have found several Trouble spots and highlighted them into the user journey.

Thanks to the informations collected in this first phase of analysis I could carry on with a proposition of a new information architecture where the contents are organised in a more logical way according to the user’s needs and the tone of voice of the whole web will change accordingly. In this moment I have started with the sketching of the wireframes that I have eventually digitalised.

Before passing to the design of the interactive prototype I have created a user flow in order to make some critical structural decision. The user flow represents visually the path of the user journey that I took into consideration earlier. 

Finally, I could create the interactive https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/4GAXZX7MW#/screens and test it running a user testing https://www.usertesting.com/v/aa0346f7-50f5-434a-8945-db3b6f52a8ba?encrypted_video_handle=kdGAw6HGfYFuuFXaIDxlFQ&shared=QDlQBCoh#!/notes.


1. User Personas Creation

2. Use-cases and User Flow Definition

3. Wireframes-sketches

4. High fidelity wireframes

5. User test